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Thank me very much !!!

If you have ever struggled to stick to your good intentions, Thank me very much, the Secret of Choice is written for you!


I used to be a depressed, 30 kilo overweight single. Leaving that behind made me an expert on choosing to change. I show you how to switch on your inner navigator to point out your options and reroute whenever you get sidetracked.


◦ Choosing, instead of making a decision and then struggling to see it through…

◦ Choosing, instead of trying to live up to standards…

◦ Choosing, instead of looking for solutions that never seem to be a perfect fit…

Can it really be that simple? Without a guilt trip attached?


Yes! With sometimes touching, sometimes funny stories of my life, I guide you through a self directing method of choosing. This approach enables you to home in on your opportunities using choices that make sense; that you can adhere to!

From page one onwards you’ll start recognizing how to stop stumbling in your stride by choking your choice.


And the best news is: you don’t have to be enlightened to get started!

Being the person that you are is the perfect starting point. Start living as the best version of you, accomplishing your goals as mile stones on your road.

If that’s your choice.


Even if you have little time to read, you can use the exercises. Positive actions create great results so are you in for an inner beauty treatment?

Are you curious to start enjoying the full benefit of the 8 Secrets of Choice?


Do you want to Choose your future?

HomeFree contentAbout the AuthorPrograms & EventsAnd more...Nederlands/DutchDeutsch/German